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Protesting Deportations and Trump and Downtown LA

The Sunday afternoon rally against Trump in downtown LA was a safe and orderly affair, well organized and maintained by groups broadly defined as the city’s center-left: the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, various SEIU chapters, a … Continue reading

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Not all refugees can be Cuban

Were the state in question Cuba or Venezuela, the fact that it is deploying an “elite unit” of the national police to prevent people from leaving would feature prominently in US government propaganda. What kind of totalitarian hell-hole need deploy … Continue reading

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LA residents denounce the deportation of migrant youth

Dozens of people rallied today outside the US federal building in downtown Los Angeles to show solidarity with tens of thousands of migrant children who have sought refuge in the United States – and to denounce President Barack Obama’s efforts … Continue reading

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90 days, 90,000 deportations

March 14, 2014: US President Barack Obama has directed officials to review how to enforce immigration laws “more humanely.” April 6, 2014: After ordering the review, Mr. Obama called the [immigration] advocates together again. While the White House hoped to … Continue reading

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Interview with Jose Antonio Vargas

Jose Antonio Vargas has a new documentary in theatres regarding his decision to come out as an undocumented immigrant. I spoke to him about the film and Barack Obama’s deportation of 2 million people like him, the results of which … Continue reading

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