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Julian Assange Reveals: Holocaust Denier Is a Trusted ‘Friend’

Julian Assange barely even knows the far-right, Holocaust-denying Russian kook with six different names, the latest being “Israel Shamir.” That was the line in March 2011, per a statement from WikiLeaks, released amid what the head of the former transparency … Continue reading

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The more you know

Chris Hedges recently interviewed Julian Assange. Predictably, because it complicates his preferred narrative, he did not ask any tough questions about the sexual assault charges the Wikileaks founder and documented creeper is facing in Sweden (“the Saudi Arabia of feminism.“). … Continue reading

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Bradley Manning exposed atrocities — and liberalism

More than three years into the presidency of Barack Obama, it’s almost a cliché now to ask: What if George W. Bush did it? From dramatically escalating the war in Afghanistan to institutionalizing the practice of indefinite imprisonment, Obama has … Continue reading

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Bradley Manning and the American empire

My first of what I’m hoping will be a regular bi-weekly column is now up over at Al Jazeera. Read it. Tweet it. Love it.

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Boycott Amazon

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