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Killing by remote control

Under George W. Bush, it was an Outrage! that the U.S. government was indefinitely imprisoning poor, innocent foreigners without so much as charging them with a crime. Under Barack Obama, killing poor, innocent foreigners without so much as charging them … Continue reading

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When Spanish isn’t enough to sell a war

Check out my latest column for Al Jazeera, on Spanish-language broadcaster Univision’s sudden shift to producing English-language war propaganda.

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‘Israeli drones save lives’

A couple weeks ago the editors at The Washington Post did something rather out of character: they published a piece by reporter Scott Wilson on the impact Israeli drones have had on the residents of Gaza, noting the hundreds of … Continue reading

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Some Veterans Day reading

One thing you learn after living outside the United States for awhile is that other countries do not fetishize soldiers and military service quite like Americans do, their cultures being nowhere near as militarized. Televised sporting events, for instance, do … Continue reading

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‘Where is the justice?’

The family of Samir Khan, the “other American” killed in the recent U.S. drone strike that took out Anwar al-Awlaki, has issued a statement: “We, the family of Samir Khan, in our time of grief and mourning, request that the … Continue reading

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‘Don’t need an invitation to drop in upon a nation’

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My interview with Medea Benjamin

My interview with Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin is up at, “Barack Obama: No Friend of Civil Liberties.”

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