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Profiting from pot (prohibition)

In a small victory for a slightly more humane and sensible drug policy, Connecticut lawmakers recently approved a measure decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana. State Sen. Toni Boucher, a Republican, isn’t happy, though. And she says that, rather … Continue reading

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‘If they’re gonna use it, they’re gonna use it.’

Colorado cop and DARE officer Vern Rucker probably didn’t set out to undercut the stated purpose for the war on drugs when he spoke to the reporter for the Cortez Journal, a paper located in a small town in the … Continue reading

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In defense of Rand Paul (no, seriously)

Democratic candidate for Senate Jack Conway (right) draws a police officer’s attention to a group of pot-smoking hippies in need of incarceration. Jack Conway, the Democratic candidate for Senate in Kentucky, is a Very Reasonable Liberal running against the crazy, … Continue reading

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Another broken promise, another broken life

So Obama isn’t going to end the war in Afghanistan, close Guantanamo Bay or reverse the Bush administration’s policies on “enemy combatants.” Meanwhile, he’s supporting a corporatist health care reform package that would maintain the employer-insurance tie — a work-or-die … Continue reading

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The war on those happier than Indiana congressmen

Despite billions of dollars spent and millions of lives destroyed, the decades-long war on drugs has failed to have any discernible impact on drug use in the United States. While locking up drug users may benefit the prison industry — … Continue reading

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"Institutionalized Injustice"

. . . that’s the term former Seattle police chief Norm Stamper applis mandatory minimum sentencing, but it could equally apply to the entire war on drugs — a war Stamper has become a forceful and eloquent opponent of since … Continue reading

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More of the same from the agent of change

Back when he was still a candidate seeking to capitalize on liberal outrage over the Bush administration’s raids on medical marijuana facilities and arrests of cancer patients for the sin of smoking pot and inhaling, Barack Obama had this to … Continue reading

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