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It can’t happen here

The year is 2036. Packs of feral dogs roam the streets of Denver, scouring the destitute downtown for their next meal: probably some poor vagrant bastard, if Those Who Dwell Below haven’t beat them to it. A lone scream in … Continue reading

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The West goes to pot

In my latest piece for Al Jazeera, I recount how a trip to a Hollywood plastic surgeon led to me embracing alternative medicine and Adult Swim. Check it out.

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Police dogs as divining rods

(This piece was originally posted at the BrandX blog.) A local couple has been murdered in their own home. You, a respected officer of the law, are responsible for tracking down their killer. But leads are short and public pressure … Continue reading

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Nicaragua’s ‘revolutionary’ war on drugs

Rivas, Nicaragua – Ravished by violent drug trafficking organisations flush with prohibition profits, Central America is now one of the deadliest places on Earth, with Honduras experiencing even more murders per capita than Iraq. That’s led some politicians to start … Continue reading

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U.S. Attorneys take on Big Pharma

In no uncertain terms, U.S. federal attorneys in California are blasting the corporatist health care system and the mega-corporations behind it that are every day placing profits over people. Benjamin Wagner, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of California, for … Continue reading

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Lies, damn lies, and drug war statistics

Anti-marijuana campaigners hate the fact that in some states in the U.S. sick people are allowed to use a drug that doesn’t come from a big pharmaceutical company, which they fear could eventually lead to a broader relaxation of cannabis … Continue reading

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‘The Narco-Terror War’

My latest piece on the establishment right’s call to ramp up the war on drugs — dutifully answered by the Obama administration — is now up over at the Institute for Policy Studies’ Right Web. Check it out.

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