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‘If only I’d authorized torture instead of jaywalking’

In the world of politics, accepting responsibility for something means little more than actually saying the words: “I accept full responsibility.” Perhaps the Senate Ethics Committee will hold a few hearings, ask some stern questions and issue a report expressing … Continue reading

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Trust-busting in Afghanistan

In March, President Obama’s top antitrust official announced that “that the administration would restore an aggressive enforcement policy against corporations that use their market dominance to elbow out competitors or to keep them from gaining market share,” according to The … Continue reading

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The curious case of the establishment liberal

From an inflammatory piece I had published last week: A peculiar notion has arisen of late, maintaining that things like torture, domestic spying and illegal wars are all attributable to the Right — namely, the administration of President George W. … Continue reading

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I’m ok, you’re ok (with government kidnapping)

When it comes to violations of human rights and international law, I find the Obama administration’s Predator drone attacks inside of Pakistan — which have killed at least 22 people, including children — to be graver and much more troubling … Continue reading

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Ron Paul Rally in DC

Yesterday I headed down to the U.S. Capitol to check out a rally for former presidential candidate and current Texas Republican congressman, Ron Paul. Having interviewed Mr. Paul several times during the course of his campaign, I was interested in … Continue reading

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The Merida Initiative

My latest piece for Inter Press Service regarding the Bush administration’s so-called “Merida Initiative” — a three-year plan to further the “war on drugs” in Mexico and several other Central American countries through military training and equipment — is now … Continue reading

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"But honey, I was only protecting national security… honest!"

In my previous post, I noted how to some of the most ardent war supporters — those ones so brave that when called to fight themselves, instead chose to defend Houston from the Vietcong — military action was nothing more … Continue reading

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