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There’s no such thing as an American war criminal

Hark! U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice issued a statement today. The laughably hypocritical parts are in bold: Today, President Obama directed a thorough review to strengthen our national capacity to prevent mass atrocities. Crucially, the President will … Continue reading

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A curious silence: Susan Rice, liberal hawks and Somalia

In her speech last month before the United Nations Security Council, ambassador to the UN Susan Rice spoke eloquently of the need to uphold international law and protect human rights. Yet while she listed a whole series of ongoing humanitarian … Continue reading

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Not all war crimes are created equal

“Israel must investigate charges of crimes in Gaza: U.S.” screams the Reuters headline. The reality? A bit less encouraging. Speaking before the United Nations Security Council yesterday, UN Ambassador Susan Rice delivered an inspiring speech on the importance of respecting … Continue reading

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