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We’re being heard, but who’s listening?

The concerns about co-option are being heard. But another concern still remains to be addressed: the fact that many of those hearing those concerns are the co-opters. About two dozen people showed up at the Tuesday night meeting of the … Continue reading

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Occupy DC partners with the SEIU and

The Democrats and their allies in the liberal establishment are trying to co-opt the Occupy movement. This isn’t paranoia: it’s what they do (see: the antiwar movement). Van Jones, who served as “green jobs” czar in the Obama White House … Continue reading

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Declaring what Occupy DC stands for

I was prepared to be disappointed. I was prepared to escalate from a simple downward twinkle fingers to an outright block, you “progressive” Democrat, willing-being-co-opted mother fuckers. But, gosh darn it, I was pleasantly surprised. After being disappointed in some … Continue reading

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