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Stockpiling inmates

I was unaware that Sarah Palin was still a meme, but the Democratic Party is apparently still using her to raise money and build their email lists. Apparently, because who cares enough to look it up, the former Alaska governor … Continue reading

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‘Corporations are people,’ says every American politician

Out stumping on the campaign trail this week, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney committed the following “gaffe” when confronted by some liberal hecklers: “Corporations are people, my friend. . . . Of course they are. Everything corporations earn ultimately goes … Continue reading

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Liberal blogger denounces violent rhetoric, hints at murdering Fred Phelps

As a sensible, mainstream liberal Democrat, “progressive blogger/activist” Howie Klein must of course view every tragedy through a strictly partisan lens. So, naturally, he knows, damn it, that Sarah Palin is directly responsible for the massacre in Arizona carried out by … Continue reading

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The bipartisan attachment to flag lapel pins

Christian fundamentalist support for the modern nation-state of Israel is kinda funny: on the one hand, fundamentalists are some of the most fervent defenders of Israel’s “right to exist” (and right to occasionally bomb and invade its neighbors), while on … Continue reading

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‘Homicide bombers’ and Sarah Palin

In her big speech at the media-saturated convention that purportedly represents the “Tea Party” movement, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin riffed on the meaning of words and the political manipulation of language, ridiculing the Obama administration for reportedly favoring the … Continue reading

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That which must not be said

Democratic blogs are erupting with righteous fury over a statement made by John McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin, suggesting the United States may need to go to war with Russia if it attacks would-be NATO members Georgia or Ukraine.  But … Continue reading

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