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Julian Assange Reveals: Holocaust Denier Is a Trusted ‘Friend’

Julian Assange barely even knows the far-right, Holocaust-denying Russian kook with six different names, the latest being “Israel Shamir.” That was the line in March 2011, per a statement from WikiLeaks, released amid what the head of the former transparency … Continue reading

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On Russia, Ukraine and different brands of imperialism

I spoke to a left-wing activist in Moscow about the state of the opposition in Russia, what’s happening in Ukraine, and whether one form of imperialism can be an effective, desirable counter to another. You can read the transcript over … Continue reading

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"Today, we are all Georgians"

Campaigning in my home state of Pennsylvania today, Republican presidential candidate John McCain told attendees of a rally that he had assured Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili that he had the support of all Americans: “I told him that I know … Continue reading

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