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Yeah, told ya

Yesterday I pointed out that — misleading spin dutifully regurgitated by The New York Times aside — Defense Secretary Robert Gates is not proposing any actual cuts in total Pentagon spending, but is rather seeking to reshuffle funds so he can spend … Continue reading

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Who’s cutting what now?

According to The New York Times, Defense Secretary Robert Gates has just announced a plan “to cut billions of dollars from the Pentagon budget.” Great! With states running massive budget deficits and the official unemployment rate hovering around double-digits, what … Continue reading

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US officials accuse Iran of complying with its treaty obligations

Defense Secretary Robert Gates, acting as someone overseeing history’s most expansive empire would, is concerned the Obama administration is not prepared to do what it takes to confront Iran over its nuclear program — so concerned, he’s issued a memo … Continue reading

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‘Murtha’s personal efforts on behalf of the Afghan Resistance’

Washington is mourning the passing of Pennsylvania Democratic Congressman John Murtha today, with everyone from President Obama on down issuing somber remarks praising his long legislative career. Notably, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, who in the ’80s headed the CIA … Continue reading

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History, as told by the U.S. government

“We think we have a strategy that will create the space and time for the Afghans to stand up their own security forces and take responsibility.  But we’re not going to be, you know, walking away from Afghanistan again.  We, … Continue reading

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