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The bipartisan war on Pakistan

As the U.S. government’s cronies on Wall Street press for taxpayers to pay inflated prices for their worthless assets, gone little noticed is that the United States and Pakistani militaries have, you know, been shooting at each other all week. … Continue reading

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That which must not be said

Democratic blogs are erupting with righteous fury over a statement made by John McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin, suggesting the United States may need to go to war with Russia if it attacks would-be NATO members Georgia or Ukraine.  But … Continue reading

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Barack Obama is no MLK

As far as pure theatrics go, Barack Obama’s acceptance speech at the Democratic convention was pretty good: 8,000 screaming admirers tingling at every mention of some vague, impending “change”, while The Candidate lays out a platitude-filled agenda full of “hope” … Continue reading

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Obama-Biden ’08: Imperialism with tact

As a general rule, whenever I happen to read a column by the New York Times’ David Brooks, I tend to find myself believing the exact opposite of whatever it is he is trying to tell me. After all, we … Continue reading

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Kang and Kodos explain politics

If you like your humor black, this past week has been hilarious, as U.S. officials and politicians have all solemnly declared their moral outrage at Russia for violating the territorial integrity of a sovereign nation, something U.S. leaders would never … Continue reading

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Interview with Mike Gravel

Last Friday, I spoke with former Senator Mike Gravel at an event here in Washington aimed at drawing attention to the case of Sami al-Arian. While some comments that Gravel made at the event seem to have attracted some of … Continue reading

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Militarism you can believe in

President George W. Bush, speaking in Germany this week, defended continued U.S. involvement in Iraq, stating: This is the moment when we must renew our resolve to rout the terrorists who threaten our security in Iraq, and the traffickers who … Continue reading

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