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Que será, será

No matter who registered voters in the U.S. select to be the ruling class’ spokesman for a four-year term, the coming presidential election will make very little difference to the lives of most Americans — and non-Americans. Banks will continue … Continue reading

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It’s not the powerful people, it’s the institutions of power

You’ve heard it before, be it from defenders of corrupt churches or wicked governments: It’s not the institutions that are the problem, it’s not the tremendous power we grant the people that control them, it’s the few bad apples we … Continue reading

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This I believe

We are all still barbarians who resort to force and violence to settle our doubts, difficulties, and troubles. Violence is the method of ignorance, the weapon of the weak. The strong of heart and brain need no violence, for they … Continue reading

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The siren call of electoral politics

It happens every November (and sometimes it never goes away): otherwise seemingly intelligent people get stupid and put their faith in politicians who without fail will, predictably, betray them — cut the “betrayed” crap, please. Each corrupt incumbent is replaced … Continue reading

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Should ‘secession’ be a dirty word?

Tarnished by its association with slavery and jackasses who drive pickups with confederate flags on them, secession has gotten a bad name — particularly on the left, and especially now that a Democrat’s in power; I certainly don’t hear liberals … Continue reading

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John Yoo for Supreme Court Justice

John Yoo (right) delivering a lecture on how Article II, Section I gives the president the right to crush a child’s testicles. If Barack Obama’s half as smart as those under the mind-altering influence of the hashish of hope say … Continue reading

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Conservatism: the heart of progressive reform

Teddy Roosevelt was by any measure a monstrous buffoon, an avowed racist and imperialist who saw war as a societal tonic — only for the victor, presumably — and fervently believed in American exceptionalism, empire and the flaunting of military … Continue reading

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