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Senators echo Clinton in push for ‘crippling sanctions’ on Iran

Following up on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s promise to impose “crippling sanctions” on Iran should it continue to defy the “international community” (that is, the U.S. and the E.U.) with regard to its nuclear program, a bipartisan group of … Continue reading

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Arlen Specter: enemy of rule of law, Democrat

The big news of the week here in Washington is that long-time Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter will be leaving the Republican Party to join the Democrats, in large part to avoid a tough primary challenge from a conservative opponent. While … Continue reading

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Lying about Iran: an American tradition

With the Obama administration publicly stating its desire to find a diplomatic solution to Western concerns over Iran’s nuclear program, one would think top White House and State Department officials would go to great pains to ensure their statements about … Continue reading

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Wrong on Iraq, wrong on Iran

On Friday, a group of seven key House Democrats — including Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, the chairs of the Armed Services and Foreign Affairs Committees, and long-time grandstander Henry Waxman — wrote President Obama to offer qualified support for his … Continue reading

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Next verse, same as the first

In his first prime time press conference, President Barack Obama declined to acknowledge or “speculate” on Israel’s widely known possession of perhaps several hundred nuclear weapons, continuing a long tradition of affected ignorance on the matter embraced by many U.S. … Continue reading

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Nancy Pelosi thinks you’re stupid

H.L. Mencken once remarked that, “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in an op/ed she “wrote” for USA Today, seems determined to test that statement with a serious of ludicrous assertions that … Continue reading

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Can someone bail out the media?

If cable television and newspapers like the Washington Post were your only sources of news, then you would probably think the debate over the $700 billion bailout for politically connected Wall Street investment firms was divided between the experts and … Continue reading

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