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Religous students found guilty of being Pakistani

When a man shot up a Sikh temple in Wisconsin last year, Barack Obama announced how “deeply saddened” he was that such an attack “took place at a house of worship.” His Republican challenger for the presidency, Mitt Romney, likewise … Continue reading

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Shahzad Akbar on (not) coming to America

Update: The State Department has finally granted Akbar a visa. Check out his statement. Shahzad Akbar is a lawyer in Pakistan who represents some of the many civilian victims of the Obama administration’s drone war in his country. Later this … Continue reading

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The American way

The Obama administration insists that Raymond Davis, a 36-year-old special forces veteran accused of killing two Pakistani men, is a U.S. consulate official — and thus legally entitled to murder with impunity (oh, the perks of gang membership!). The Guardian, … Continue reading

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Can we really blame Republicans for the wars?

Michael Moore has a list of five things he says Democrats should do to avoid a disaster at the polls in November. His first recommendation? That the Democratic Party run ads reminding voters “Who the Hell Put Us in the Misery We’re … Continue reading

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A curious discrepancy

Speaking about the recent attempted car bombing in Times Square allegedly perpetrated by Faisal Shahzad, Attorney General Eric Holder categorically declared on NBC’s Meet The Press — the Washington elite’s long-preferred vehicle for disseminating politically advantageous disinformation — “that the … Continue reading

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Paging Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart is a funny and intelligent guy, but ever since his weepy America-has-finally-fulfilled-its-promise performance upon the election of Barack Obama, he hasn’t been quite the same — epitomized by his disappointingly pathetic apology for the perfectly sensible (thus politically … Continue reading

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Obama condemns violence in Iran. No word about Pakistan.

Speaking to reporters about the ongoing unrest in Iran, U.S. President Barack Obama declared he was “appalled and outraged” by the events of the past few days, stating that “we deplore the violence against innocent civilians anywhere it takes place.” … Continue reading

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