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LAPD takes on the Chalk Bloc

What started out as a night of art, fun and food trucks ended with Los Angeles police creating a riot scene, assaulting unarmed protesters and firing rubber bullets seemingly at random into a crowd of bystanders, all — ostensibly — … Continue reading

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George Bush: Great American Progressive?

Mother Jones writer Josh Harkinson thinks the Occupy movement should get into politics. Democratic Party politics, to be specific. This is his article’s money shot, the fact of the matter section around which the piece is based: If May Day … Continue reading

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Citizen Radio interview

Did I ever link to this? Yeah, I don’t think I did. Anyway, if you’re interested in hearing what I sound like with too much caffeine and not enough respect for the English language, check out this interview I did … Continue reading

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Conflict and nonviolence are not mutually exclusive

Kevin Zeese, the would-be Chairman Mao of the Freedom Plaza Occupy camp in Washington, DC, has never found it within himself to say a nice word about the sister Occupy camp at McPherson Square. In listserv emails and general assembly … Continue reading

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Occupy North Pole

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K Street is scared

Someone forwarded me an email that is apparently being circulated to lobbying firms on K Street. It’s long, so I’ve pasted it after the jump: Washington, DC is now becoming a focus point for Occupy-related protests now that other cities … Continue reading

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‘The Democrats are not your friends’ “Occupy DC distances from Democrats. Or does it?“ A young man named Charles Davis, 27, took to the floor and called out for the group’s attention. Davis told the occupiers he had ridden in an elevator with Rep. Luis … Continue reading

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