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Citizen Radio interview

Did I ever link to this? Yeah, I don’t think I did. Anyway, if you’re interested in hearing what I sound like with too much caffeine and not enough respect for the English language, check out this interview I did … Continue reading

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Conflict and nonviolence are not mutually exclusive

Kevin Zeese, the would-be Chairman Mao of the Freedom Plaza Occupy camp in Washington, DC, has never found it within himself to say a nice word about the sister Occupy camp at McPherson Square. In listserv emails and general assembly … Continue reading

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K Street is scared

Someone forwarded me an email that is apparently being circulated to lobbying firms on K Street. It’s long, so I’ve pasted it after the jump: Washington, DC is now becoming a focus point for Occupy-related protests now that other cities … Continue reading

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‘The Democrats are not your friends’ “Occupy DC distances from Democrats. Or does it?“ A young man named Charles Davis, 27, took to the floor and called out for the group’s attention. Davis told the occupiers he had ridden in an elevator with Rep. Luis … Continue reading

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We’re being heard, but who’s listening?

The concerns about co-option are being heard. But another concern still remains to be addressed: the fact that many of those hearing those concerns are the co-opters. About two dozen people showed up at the Tuesday night meeting of the … Continue reading

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Occupy DC partners with the SEIU and

The Democrats and their allies in the liberal establishment are trying to co-opt the Occupy movement. This isn’t paranoia: it’s what they do (see: the antiwar movement). Van Jones, who served as “green jobs” czar in the Obama White House … Continue reading

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Occupy the action committee

I was confused. After standing around for three hours in solidarity during the occupation of Franklin School, here I was dining at the finest Indian buffet in the city surrounded by about a half-dozen comrades, all self-described socialists and anarchists … Continue reading

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