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Daniel Ortega Recruits the Head of Donald Trump’s Bible Study

The move reflects both the social conservatism of the Nicaraguan government and its desire for relief from U.S. sanctions. Amid thousands decked out in the red-and-black bandanas of a ruling party that once espoused the virtues of Marx and Lenin, … Continue reading

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Who Is Charles Redvers? How a Fake Man Got His Start

I just assumed they didn’t know, because the alternative — a credible news organization publishing a long-time contributor, but giving him a different name and nationality — did not make much sense. I assumed, then, that openDemocracy had been fooled; … Continue reading

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Despite the Violence, Trump Keeps on Deporting Nicaraguans

More than 200 Nicaraguans are in U.S. custody and facing imminent deportation back to a country where the White House, the United Nations and human rights organizations say the government of President Daniel Ortega is killing its own people. The … Continue reading

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How I could just bite a man

A few months back, my dog bit an old gringo in Granada, a colonial city in Nicaragua popular with old gringos, many of whom one can’t help but think are here largely because there’s no extradition treaty with the United … Continue reading

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Nicaragua’s ‘revolutionary’ war on drugs

Rivas, Nicaragua – Ravished by violent drug trafficking organisations flush with prohibition profits, Central America is now one of the deadliest places on Earth, with Honduras experiencing even more murders per capita than Iraq. That’s led some politicians to start … Continue reading

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Nicaragua triunfará

Elections in Nicaragua are less than a month away, which means the criminal misuse of American pop songs — artistically speaking — as a means of marketing the various candidates to the all-important Youth of the Country has just about … Continue reading

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Anarchy and Ometepe

“I think they’re sexual deviants,” my traveling companion said, leaning over a fruit salad at breakfast. The not unexpected comment came after a night of alternately delightful and terrifying conversation with a couple who, over the course of three liters … Continue reading

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