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Connecticut Democrats Kill Student Privacy Bill

Last month, a measure that would have barred schools in Connecticut from sharing student test results with military recruiters easily passed the state Education Committee. Today, that legislation died. In an email, Rep. Jack Hennessy, a Democrat, told me that … Continue reading

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Is Lockheed Martin funding ‘drone outrage’?

Outrage over the unilateral, arbitrary killing of people from Pakistan to Yemen with unmanned US military aircraft – drones – is growing beyond just the regions being bombed and the offices of CODEPINK. It’s even sneaking its way into the … Continue reading

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Education and social revolution

San Diego is a great place. As a college student, I had a lot of fun there. But it’s an inescapable, lamentable fact that the whole county is basically just one big military base with a few recreational areas scattered … Continue reading

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Subsidizing military rule in Egypt

I forgot to link to this last week, so in case you missed it check out my piece with Medea Benjamin on the Obama administration’s decision to send another $1.5 billion to Egypt despite (because of?) ongoing human rights abuses … Continue reading

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‘A Global Empire, Yet a "United States of Fear"’

In my latest piece for Inter Press Service, I review Tom Engelhardt’s new collection of essays, United States of Fear, and opine on militarism in America. Give it a read.

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Obama loves war and Wall Street

For days I bitched about Occupy DC’s participation in a rally for infrastructure spending with the SEIU, a bitching that hit a fever pitch after the latter endorsed Barack Obama as the candidate of the 99 percent. But I’ll tell … Continue reading

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Some Veterans Day reading

One thing you learn after living outside the United States for awhile is that other countries do not fetishize soldiers and military service quite like Americans do, their cultures being nowhere near as militarized. Televised sporting events, for instance, do … Continue reading

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