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Seriously, fuck that dude

A few months back, I took Center for American Progress blogger Matt Yglesias to task for arguing that, because the U.S. economy was in recession, it was better to spend money blowing up poor Afghan civilians than not — you … Continue reading

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Beltway liberalism in 24 words

“From a Keynesian standpoint, I believe that with the economy depressed it’s better to spend the money in Afghanistan than not to spend it.” — Matt Yglesias, Center for American Progress The above excerpt comes from a post noting the … Continue reading

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‘Ok, so Paulson, Geithner and Summers walk into a bar . . .’

As Matt Yglesias himself admits, the regulatory reform bill currently making its way through the Senate won’t actually do anything to prevent another major financial crisis or fundamentally alter the way Wall Street works, nor will it stave off the need … Continue reading

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