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It’s not the powerful people, it’s the institutions of power

You’ve heard it before, be it from defenders of corrupt churches or wicked governments: It’s not the institutions that are the problem, it’s not the tremendous power we grant the people that control them, it’s the few bad apples we … Continue reading

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Barack Obama loses his hat

As a candidate for president, Barack Obama was a Distinguished Constitutional Scholar. As a president waging an illegal war? He’s just some guy who, gosh, isn’t really in a position to talk about that there document he took an oath … Continue reading

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Liar, liar

When he first sought to justify his undeclared, unauthorized war in Libya, President Barack Obama reassured members of Congress that the conflict, or the “heavy kinetic activity” as I guess we’re calling the incineration of poor foreigners these days, would … Continue reading

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The liberal defense of murder

University of Michigan history professor Juan Cole — who I interviewed for public radio back when U.S. presidents unilaterally starting wars was still considered a bad thing — reacts to reports that NATO bombs may have killed Muammar Qaddafi’s youngest … Continue reading

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War for NATO

Governments don’t abide by the same rules that govern the rest of us. They steal. They kidnap. They kill. And they do so with impunity, possessing a monopoly over the legally sanctioned, societally condoned use of force. So it’s odd … Continue reading

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