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A lesson for Afghans from the healthcare debate

(credit: AP) The Great Victory over the health insurance lobby now achieved with Congress’ passage of a bill that mandates you buy the industry’s products, inexplicably popular progressive blogger Matt Yglesias tells us “Barack Obama will go down in history … Continue reading

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The face of modern liberalism

Markos Moulitsas is the founder of Daily Kos and self-satisfied leader of the left-leaning “Netroots” community of bloggers, best characterized by their fervent devotion to the perpetual process of electing “more and better Democrats.” When not helping raise money for … Continue reading

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Who will think of the corporation?

The continuing descent of Reason magazine from irrelevant inanity to outright self-parody continues, this time with Katherine “It’s quite exciting to inaugurate a war” Mangu-Ward — last seen defending the use of private jets by the CEOs of failed corporations … Continue reading

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A guy named Chas

Chas Freeman will not be the next chair of the National Intelligence Council — the body responsible for putting together things like the ’07 National Intelligence Estimate on Iran — as he has withdrawn his nomination, blaming the so-called “Israel … Continue reading

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