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Cops get $4 million after killing black man

In 2010, George Diego and Allan Corrales of the Los Angeles Police Department shot and killed an unarmed black man, Steven Eugene Washington. The case was one of several high-profile shootings that activists protesting under the auspices of “Black Lives … Continue reading

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Non-American had rights, court finds

A US court has ruled that a Mexican teenager who was shot dead, in Mexico, by a US Border Patrol agent had the same rights as an American-born human being, reports the Associated Press: U.S. District Judge David Briones found in … Continue reading

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Syria is not Iraq (and apples are not oranges)

Like other Democratic consultants with careers to keep in mind, Robert Creamer, husband of liberal Illinois Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, is currently busy reassuring progressives that Barack Obama’s desired attack on Syria will be “completely different” from the shock and awe … Continue reading

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How to get away with murder (non-state actor edition)

If you’re wearing a uniform, murdering someone you don’t like and getting away with it is only marginally harder than shooting a Rubik’s cube with a police-issued Glock. For the rest of us, it can be a real pain in … Continue reading

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Does he fear getting droned too?

Barack Obama said some shit today. Among the shit he said was this, in response to reports his administration is tracking every phone call made in America, while also directly tapping into the servers of Facebook and Google: “I came … Continue reading

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The enabling opposition

My latest column for Al Jazeera addresses progressive Democrats and their faux-opposition to murder by drone. Check it out, kid.

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Bin Laden raid not one in milllion after all

In remarks reported by the U.S. government’s official news network, Voice of America, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — like every other Obama administration official this election season — recounts with pride that glorious spring day when, flowers blooming and … Continue reading

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