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FAIR is once again unfair to the Syrian people

Jim Naureckas of an organization called Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting, which cares about fairness, and accuracy, in reporting, is curiously convinced that when activists on the ground in Syria say that “None of the areas targeted” by Russia’s bombing … Continue reading

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My journalism requires free alcohol

My first reaction to journalist Ken Silverstein’s piece in Politico on why he hated his last employer was: Thank the good lord I said “eh, no” when editors asked me to write something like this after leaving Vice, which in … Continue reading

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‘Democracy Now! internships are paid’

Progressive newscast Democracy Now! has updated the language it uses to describe its internship program, reflecting an apparent decision to start paying its interns. As I reported last year in a piece for Vice, the show, hosted by Amy Goodman, … Continue reading

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Dead foreigners don’t tell jokes

How seriously do serious American journalists take the fact that the 1990 Gulf War, ensuing sanctions regime and the 2003 invasion of Iraq killed hundreds of thousands of people – men, women and children with hopes and fears who were … Continue reading

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The year in review

This year, 2013, wasn’t a bad year for me, all told, but it was a weird wooden roller coaster of a 12-month period with highs that were high and lows which are better left for my LiveJournal. In this weirdest … Continue reading

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Help MSNBC bring liberal values to the workplace

Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes and Al Sharpton are some of the biggest names in televised liberal commentary, but when it comes to supporting the rights of those who work under them at MSNBC, these big names have come up rather … Continue reading

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I like this tweet

I like this tweet. I like it for a couple reasons. Here they are: I like the notion of a writer for Slate mocking a column idea for being predictable and trite. I like that the only time cool Beltway … Continue reading

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