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‘Fuck Sanity’

The great Dennis Perrin on Jon Stewart’s march of moderates for “sanity”: Fuck Sanity. Maybe I’m missing the satirical angle here, if there is one. When Jon Stewart apologized for calling Harry Truman a war criminal, I initially thought, “Hey! … Continue reading

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Stewart v. O’Reilly: a battle of the deluded

The winner of the unedited version of the Jon Stewart/Bill O’Reilly show according to the liberal blogosphere is naturally the Comedy Central host, which, frankly, is like winning an arm wrestling match against someone who has no arms. But while … Continue reading

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Paging Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart is a funny and intelligent guy, but ever since his weepy America-has-finally-fulfilled-its-promise performance upon the election of Barack Obama, he hasn’t been quite the same — epitomized by his disappointingly pathetic apology for the perfectly sensible (thus politically … Continue reading

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