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Petraeus declares Afghan war strategy ‘fundamentally sound’

NATO troops and civilians, particularly women and children, are dying in ever-increasing numbers as a result of the U.S.-led war effort in Afghanistan, but General-Scholar-Saint David Petraeus — doing what he does best: public relations — is confident of Victory, … Continue reading

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‘Nuke their ass, take their gas’

I remain wholly unconvinced that John McCain knows what a website is, but — assuming that he does — I am pretty sure that this is exactly how he would have designed the one for his 2008 presidential campaign had … Continue reading

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First, the good news

As millions of Americans head to the polls today to elect the next president of the United States, take heed of this comforting thought: by the end of the day, one of the men pictured below will very likely not be the … Continue reading

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In case you missed it

With all the news channeled dominated by coverage of Sarah Palin’s fancy clothes and the revelation that Barack Obama was indeed born to a human — and not via immaculate conception, as previously thought — and has a grandmother who … Continue reading

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A walking tour of the military-industrial complex

Working in and around Washington, DC can be something of a weird, albeit illuminating, experience. Unlike other U.S. cities, where waterfront properties with a perfect view of the city’s skyline would be full of high-priced condos, Washington’s nearby suburb, the … Continue reading

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The audacity of irony

While I did my best to avoid tonight’s “debate” (joint press conference) between Barack Obama and John McCain, living in DC makes that more difficult than it might seem, and I ended up catching a few exchanges while eating dinner … Continue reading

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The bipartisan war on Pakistan

As the U.S. government’s cronies on Wall Street press for taxpayers to pay inflated prices for their worthless assets, gone little noticed is that the United States and Pakistani militaries have, you know, been shooting at each other all week. … Continue reading

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