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Institutional racism: The sine qua non of ethnic cleansing

“So, if the underlying sine qua non for any acceptable policy proposal is the long-term preservation of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people . . . .“ And if it isn’t? HOLIDAY BONUS: It sure takes a lot … Continue reading

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‘Israeli drones save lives’

A couple weeks ago the editors at The Washington Post did something rather out of character: they published a piece by reporter Scott Wilson on the impact Israeli drones have had on the residents of Gaza, noting the hundreds of … Continue reading

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Don’t leave Tom Friedman in charge of the signs

New York Times columnist Tom Friedman has some advice for the Palestinians: Announce that every Friday from today forward will be “Peace Day,” and have thousands of West Bank Palestinians march nonviolently to Jerusalem, carrying two things — an olive … Continue reading

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Says it all, really

Barack Obama speaking today at the annual AIPAC conference in Washington, DC: Because we understand the challenges Israel faces, I and my administration have made the security of Israel a priority. It’s why we’ve increased cooperation between our militaries to … Continue reading

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‘Cut Aid for Poor People, Not Israel’

Check out my joint Op-Ed with Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin over at Common Dreams, “Republicans and Democrats Agree: Cut Aid for Poor People, Not Israel“.

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Two completely, entirely unrelated stories

The United Nations peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon (UNIFIL) has determined that the Israeli, tree-trimming soldiers who were fired upon by the Lebanese army near the border fence between the two countries were in fact operating on Israeli soil, a development … Continue reading

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The neocon method

(Benjanmin Kerstein: “You can tell I’m a bad-ass because I’m sneering.”) One time-honored method for obscure writers to gain notoriety is to viciously attack a much more popular writer or public figure in the hopes said person will respond in … Continue reading

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