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Netanyahu, Sisi and Assad: Peas in a pod

Israel: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu likened Hamas to al Qaeda, ISIS and other extremist Islamist groups Tuesday as he implored the international community to hold Palestinian militants responsible for the bloodshed in Gaza. Israel’s top politician said Hamas must … Continue reading

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Families rally for Gaza, old people for Israel

I don’t know if the media narrative on the asymmetric Israel-Palestine conflict is in fact changing for the better, though it does seem as if there are more and more reports in the mainstream press depicting Palestinians as people capable … Continue reading

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Israel: A great place to be white!

Not everyone who lives in Israel is of pasty white European heritage, but you wouldn’t know it from the Israeli government’s outreach. For reasons only fully understood by the gods and the person trolling me, I was recently subscribed to … Continue reading

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A defense secretary of their own

The formatting will take forever to fix,  so just go ahead and read this post over on Blogger. How bad has it gotten for the US antiwar movement? After the president its most prominent leaders supported in 2008 took George … Continue reading

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This land is my land

Leave it to an Israeli politician, the country’s powerful Interior minister in this case, to make the oft-denied parallel between Jewish supremacy in Israel and white supremacy in South Africa as explicit as possible: [O]n Sunday, Israeli daily Maariv published … Continue reading

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Obama doesn’t bluff

In an exclusive interview with The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, a journalist famed for his ability to fashion innuendo and hysterical falsehoods into a case for preemptive war, President Barack Obama reassured the Israeli government that when it comes to threatening … Continue reading

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Replace ‘Iran’ with ‘Israel’

That’s a tweet sent Monday from the official account of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, noteworthy not only for its cocksure hypocrisy — it’s Israel that continues to produce nukes without so much as a strongly worded email  from the … Continue reading

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