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On eating in DC

Though much of this blog is dedicated, as one commenter points out, to my “utter preoccupation with injustice seeking,” sometimes even us journalists with pretenses of fighting the power need to eat. In fact, over the holiday break eating is … Continue reading

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The corporatist consensus

The Wall Street Journal reports: WASHINGTON — Key House and Senate negotiators were scheduled to meet Saturday afternoon to iron out the final details of a $700 billion rescue package for Wall Street, with a goal of being able to … Continue reading

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The audacity of irony

While I did my best to avoid tonight’s “debate” (joint press conference) between Barack Obama and John McCain, living in DC makes that more difficult than it might seem, and I ended up catching a few exchanges while eating dinner … Continue reading

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Questionable timing

The National Review has obtained a draft copy of the Republican Party’s 2008 Platform language on energy and climate change that repeats the same talking points that you’ve probably heard aplenty over the last few months. For instance — and … Continue reading

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