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The criminalization of poverty

I didn’t used to see tents when I moved to Koreatown two years ago, but when the city of Los Angeles revealed that there’s been an 85 percent increase in people living in such makeshift shelters during that time I … Continue reading

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From Argentina to Iraq: I have an opinion

I had two pieces published recently by Inter Press Service: One is (nominally) a review of Muhammad Idrees Ahmad’s new book seeking to explain why the United States invaded Iraq; the other, co-authored with IPS’s DC bureau chief, Jim Lobe, … Continue reading

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The Iraqi State

Reuters reports on the liberation of Tikrit: “They waved their knives in the air, to cheers from the crowd, and chanted: ‘We will slaughter him. We will take revenge for Colonel Imad. We will slaughter him.’ The policemen laid the … Continue reading

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Shut it down

Last week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wrote a letter to House Speaker John Boehner. In that letter, Reid played the role of seasoned, wise statesman and extended offered some sage political advice: “Ignore your base.” With respect to the … Continue reading

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Paul Ryan was right

While I was at the beach enjoying my last few days here in Nicaragua before heading back to the center of All That Is Wrong With America (Media Division), I guess — at least judging by all the liberal-sense-of-superiority fellating … Continue reading

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Dana Rohrabacher: Lying now or then?

Back in 2002, California Republican Dana Rohrabacher was an outspoken advocate of invading Iraq, the sort that claimed it was improper to even label the impending invasion a “war” because it was really more of a liberation, one for which … Continue reading

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Looking back at a crime against humanity

With the U.S. and its allies inching closer to a war to “liberate” Libya from the man they just six months ago were arming with the finest weapons stolen oil money can buy, it’s worth looking back at that war … Continue reading

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