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When Spanish isn’t enough to sell a war

Check out my latest column for Al Jazeera, on Spanish-language broadcaster Univision’s sudden shift to producing English-language war propaganda.

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"Lawmakers, ‘Experts’ Spin Tales of Iranian Terror in Latin America"

Check out my latest piece for Inter Press Service on attempts by congressmen and career militarists posing as dispassionate experts to cast Iran’s relations with Latin America as a “clear and present danger” to the United States.

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Replace ‘Iran’ with ‘Israel’

That’s a tweet sent Monday from the official account of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, noteworthy not only for its cocksure hypocrisy — it’s Israel that continues to produce nukes without so much as a strongly worded email  from the … Continue reading

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About that assassination plot

For  years, U.S. hawks have insisted that Iran and its alleged proxy force Hezbollah are nefariously building up ties with governments and criminal organizations across Latin America, including drug cartels. If the official story about the alleged plot to assassinate … Continue reading

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The wrong side of history

Then and there: President Obama calls Iranian martyr Neda’s death ‘heartbreaking’ Obama said he had watched the graphic Internet video of the death of Neda Soltan, which has turned the 26-year-old student into a global symbol of the pro-democracy protests. … Continue reading

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NIAC says Eli Lake’s wrong (drum roll) again

In a Twitter battle earlier this week that maybe, though almost certainly not, was of interest to someone other than me and Washington Times reporter Eli Lake, I critiqued the latter — or gave him shit, to use the popular … Continue reading

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Shocker: Neoconservative journalist unapologetically wrong, again

In late 2009, The Washington Times published an exclusive piece by national security reporter Eli Lake that made a sensational claim: Trita Parsi, head of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), was acting as unregistered foreign agent on behalf of … Continue reading

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