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‘The ax in my head is really bumming me out . . . got any Prozac?’

An ad for the anti-depressant Cymbalta that I saw on TV the other night cautioned any would-be consumer not to take the product if suffering from “uncontrolled glaucoma.” This raises the obvious question: If you have freaking uncontrolled glaucoma, don’t … Continue reading

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Jamie Kirchick: put down the thesaurus, buy a dictionary

Jamie Kirchick of The New Republic has a typically asinine column in The Los Angeles Times today blasting President Obama for being insufficiently jingoistic and arrogant during his recent European tour. Unfortunately, there are a few glaring errors in the … Continue reading

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War is the health of the state (and hack columnists)

Not every dimwitted and bloodthirsty pundit mouthing off on the Israeli invasion of Gaza is worth legitimizing with a response, but some commentators are more stridently obtuse and vicious than others — and benefit from the prominent platforms handed to … Continue reading

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The bipartisan war on Pakistan

As the U.S. government’s cronies on Wall Street press for taxpayers to pay inflated prices for their worthless assets, gone little noticed is that the United States and Pakistani militaries have, you know, been shooting at each other all week. … Continue reading

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"9/11 truthers": a persecuted minority?

In response to my post about this past weekend’s Ron Paul rally in DC, commenter David Stratton accuses me of engaging in the same sort of bigotry toward so-called “9/11 truthers” — those who believe the terrorist attacks on the … Continue reading

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