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Bigotry for broadcast

What’s it like meeting hatemongers such as Pamela Geller and the folks from Westboro Baptist Church? I tell you in my latest piece for Al Jazeera.

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I wonder why?

“The idea that Wall Street criminals are getting away with a criminal conspiracy against the American people is a popular one. Nobody ever asks how the seemingly victimized American people managed to make so much of Wall Street’s money disappear … Continue reading

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Tool of American imperialism insufficiently pro-American

Like the United Nations, which is supposed to oppose its members attacking each other in wars of aggression but let the United States invade Iraq without so much as a stern non-binding condemnation, the Organization of American States (OAS) is … Continue reading

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My conversation with Iranian state television

A week ago I published a satirical article on this blog, “EXCLUSIVE: Obama orders air strikes on Guantanamo Bay,” intended to highlight the absurdity of people (I’m looking at you establishment liberals) condemning the Gitmo military prison and the government’s … Continue reading

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If Chris Matthews only had a brain

Chris Matthews is paid around $5 million a year by the kind folks at General Electric/MSNBC to pontificate on politics and to essentially act as a guardian of the establishment. So it makes sense that he would be not only … Continue reading

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Someone buy John Shadegg a dictionary

At a press conference I attended today where Republicans accused the EPA of covering up the views of a “career scientist” who questioned the scientific consensus that human activity contributes to climate change, I noted during the question-and-answer period that … Continue reading

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Fear nutjobs with guns, not ‘anti-government’ ideas

Casting your political opponents as enemies of the state who are aiding and abetting terrorism — was it so long ago this was the favored debating tactic of the political right? Fast forward one historic, transformational election, however, and it … Continue reading

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