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Yup, still lying

In case anyone is wondering, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is still making unsubstantiated claims about Iran’s nuclear program, ignoring the testimony of the Obama administration’s own Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair — just like the president, the CIA … Continue reading

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The amazing disappearing 2007 NIE on Iran

Power has a strange effect on people, turning what can otherwise appear to be decent human beings into murderers and liars. Take Barack Obama — a man elected in no small part due to his charisma and compelling personal story … Continue reading

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Rhetoric vs. Reality

Last year conservative columnist William Safire, addressing the prospect of a Hillary Clinton/Rahm Emanuel presidential ticket on Meet the Press, remarked that the noted liberal interventionists’ rallying cry could be “Invade and bomb with Hillary and Rahm.” While a Clinton/Emanuel … Continue reading

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The endorsement that speaks for itself

As an outspoken supporter of the Iraq war — and of the earlier policy of starving hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children to death — Hillary Clinton is of course a widely respected figure in Washington when it comes to … Continue reading

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Electing the next president of… Israel?

In comments to a post by Daniel Larison at The American Conservative regarding the idiotic meme that calls for Democratic Party “unity” are “fascist”, a blogger by the name of “Grumpy Old Man” points out a truly remarkable statement made … Continue reading

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