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Hillary the Hawk

Medea Benajamin and I make the anti-imperialist case for Hillary Clinton. Or do we? Guess you’ll have to read it.

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Bin Laden raid not one in milllion after all

In remarks reported by the U.S. government’s official news network, Voice of America, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — like every other Obama administration official this election season — recounts with pride that glorious spring day when, flowers blooming and … Continue reading

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State Department warns Americans: Israel might kill you

Following weeks of conspicuous silence, the Obama administration is taking decisive action in response to the Israeli Defense Forces’ killing of Furkan Dorgan, an unarmed U.S. citizen aboard one of the ships in the “Free Gaza” flotilla who was shot … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton admits Israel has nukes

It’s becoming something of an annual tradition for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: travel to the Middle East and in literally every public appearance refer to Iran’s “pursuit of nuclear weapons” and the consequent need for more stringent sanctions. Last … Continue reading

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History, as told by the U.S. government

“We think we have a strategy that will create the space and time for the Afghans to stand up their own security forces and take responsibility.  But we’re not going to be, you know, walking away from Afghanistan again.  We, … Continue reading

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Clinton breaks with Kerry on Iran

Earlier this summer Senator John Kerry (D-MA) hinted at a possible change in U.S. policy when the Massachusetts Democrat — chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee and a lawmaker more likely to echo administration talking points than openly challenge them … Continue reading

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Lying about Iran: an American tradition

With the Obama administration publicly stating its desire to find a diplomatic solution to Western concerns over Iran’s nuclear program, one would think top White House and State Department officials would go to great pains to ensure their statements about … Continue reading

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