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So this exists

Can anyone think of any alternative taglines, I wonder?   (original)

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Journalism, as practiced on Meet The Press

This past week Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair confirmed that the Obama administration is targeting U.S. citizens for assassination abroad, assuming the right to execute an American in a foreign country without giving him or her so much as … Continue reading

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A tax for the military-industrial complex

British economist Arthur Cecil Pigou is famous for arguing that governments should correct perceived “externalities” imposed upon society by the production some good — think pollution from a coal plant — by imposing taxes on the producer of said good … Continue reading

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In case you missed it

With all the news channeled dominated by coverage of Sarah Palin’s fancy clothes and the revelation that Barack Obama was indeed born to a human — and not via immaculate conception, as previously thought — and has a grandmother who … Continue reading

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A walking tour of the military-industrial complex

Working in and around Washington, DC can be something of a weird, albeit illuminating, experience. Unlike other U.S. cities, where waterfront properties with a perfect view of the city’s skyline would be full of high-priced condos, Washington’s nearby suburb, the … Continue reading

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Gravel off to Gitmo?

Self-proclaimed terrorism expert Steve Emerson — a well noted plagiarist, fear monger, and Islamophobe — is fulfilling his latest desperate attempt for media attention by claiming that former Senator Mike Gravel advocated “stalking” Assistant U.S. Attorney Gordon Kromberg at a recent event … Continue reading

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