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Russia, Trump and the New ‘McCarthyism in Reverse’

It is U.S. election season, 2016, and the extremely dumb baseline for presidential-year rhetoric has already been exceeded with gusto thanks to a fake-tanned reality TV blowhard now leading a white nationalist movement as the Republican Party’s nominee. “Could it … Continue reading

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Hillary the Hawk

Medea Benajamin and I make the anti-imperialist case for Hillary Clinton. Or do we? Guess you’ll have to read it.

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Hating on Bernie and kicking out the homeless

Over at VICE, I report on how the influx of rich white people in downtown Los Angeles is impacting the poor homeless people who live there. Meanwhile, at Salon I argue that, no, Bernie Sanders shouldn’t run a pointless campaign … Continue reading

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A picture’s worth a thousand votes

Barack Obama, far right, permits a commoner to touch His hair. This is a real thing: There is a now iconic picture of Obama and a young boy in the Oval Office. The president of the United States is bowing, … Continue reading

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Is the Democratic Party a vehicle for radical change?

Los Angeles, CA – By this fall, the two major political parties in the United States will have spent around $10bn this election cycle to persuade an increasingly sceptical US public that there is more than just a stylistic difference … Continue reading

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Rules for reformists

With the 2012 U.S. presidential election coming up, here are some helpful rules for discussion that I have gleaned from liberals online: Don’t criticize Barack Obama over anything that’s happening in America, because it turns out all real domestic power … Continue reading

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Que será, será

No matter who registered voters in the U.S. select to be the ruling class’ spokesman for a four-year term, the coming presidential election will make very little difference to the lives of most Americans — and non-Americans. Banks will continue … Continue reading

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