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The criminalization of poverty

I didn’t used to see tents when I moved to Koreatown two years ago, but when the city of Los Angeles revealed that there’s been an 85 percent increase in people living in such makeshift shelters during that time I … Continue reading

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‘Foreclosing on the commons’

Check out my latest column for Al Jazeera, where I look to Peter Kropotkin for advise on addressing the US foreclosure crisis.

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‘The End of Loser Liberalism’ and the myth of the free market

(This is the extended, Director’s Cut edition of my review published by Inter Press Service) The top 1 percent of earners in the United States now control more than 40 percent of the nation’s wealth, their income steadily rising at … Continue reading

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It starts with an ‘F’ (and the answer’s not ‘freedom’)

In economics, like in war, the best propagandists prefer the language of euphemism to straightforward, ignoble fact, the latest in obfuscatory jargon to the jarring reality of truth. Why, that’s not a dead mother whose children are uncontrollably weeping over … Continue reading

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More stimulus? No thanks

I’ll leave the debate over whether the U.S. needs a second federal “stimulus” bill to others, but let me just say this: if another massive spending bill means the DC government will be digging up and repaving the road outside … Continue reading

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Fear nutjobs with guns, not ‘anti-government’ ideas

Casting your political opponents as enemies of the state who are aiding and abetting terrorism — was it so long ago this was the favored debating tactic of the political right? Fast forward one historic, transformational election, however, and it … Continue reading

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What ‘free market’?

It has become a key aspect of liberal dogma that deregulation and the “free market” are to blame for the collapse of the global economy. But blaming laissez-faire for the world’s economic malaise is a lot like blaming U.S. “isolationism” … Continue reading

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