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Killing by remote control

Under George W. Bush, it was an Outrage! that the U.S. government was indefinitely imprisoning poor, innocent foreigners without so much as charging them with a crime. Under Barack Obama, killing poor, innocent foreigners without so much as charging them … Continue reading

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Shahzad Akbar on (not) coming to America

Update: The State Department has finally granted Akbar a visa. Check out his statement. Shahzad Akbar is a lawyer in Pakistan who represents some of the many civilian victims of the Obama administration’s drone war in his country. Later this … Continue reading

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Come at me, bro

In a March 2010 address before the American Society of International Law, Harold Koh, the U.S. State Department’s top legal rationalizer, explained why Barack Obama believes he is entitled to kill anyone in the world he chooses. “[T]he United States is … Continue reading

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‘Israeli drones save lives’

A couple weeks ago the editors at The Washington Post did something rather out of character: they published a piece by reporter Scott Wilson on the impact Israeli drones have had on the residents of Gaza, noting the hundreds of … Continue reading

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Congressional drones

Concerned that the unmanned aerial drones currently raining death upon the unfortunate inhabitants of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia aren’t having their synthesized voices heard in Congress? Sick and tired of our brave robots defending American overseas lacking representation the … Continue reading

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