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Elite journalists stick up for their friends

David Broder, a columnist for the Washington Post, has been a faithful defender of the ruling elite — pardon the redundancy — and criminal immunity for the powerful for the past four decades. Indeed, he boasts of his support for … Continue reading

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Cheney echoes Obama talking points

While in Argentina earlier this year, a Buenos Aires taxi driver asked me what I thought about the new president of the United States — “who is it, Cheney?” — which served as a reminder that 1) the world doesn’t … Continue reading

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That which must not be said

Democratic blogs are erupting with righteous fury over a statement made by John McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin, suggesting the United States may need to go to war with Russia if it attacks would-be NATO members Georgia or Ukraine.  But … Continue reading

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"But honey, I was only protecting national security… honest!"

In my previous post, I noted how to some of the most ardent war supporters — those ones so brave that when called to fight themselves, instead chose to defend Houston from the Vietcong — military action was nothing more … Continue reading

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