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James Comey ain’t your homie

President Obama is reportedly picking a former hedge fund executive turned senior Bush administration official at the Justice Department by the name James Comey to be his next head of the FBI. Like Chuck Hagel, this largely meaningless nomination in … Continue reading

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Prison rape is no joke

As pundits and politicians fill the airwaves with talk of poll numbers and campaign strategies, there’s a genuine epidemic of rape going on in the United States among the most marginalized segment of American society: the nation’s more than 2.3 … Continue reading

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Interview with Mike Gravel

Last Friday, I spoke with former Senator Mike Gravel at an event here in Washington aimed at drawing attention to the case of Sami al-Arian. While some comments that Gravel made at the event seem to have attracted some of … Continue reading

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"When You Have To Leave America To Be Free"

On Friday, I attended an event here in Washington aimed at raising awareness of the case of Dr. Sami Al-Arian, a Palestinian activist and former college professor who the Bush administration has accused of raising funds for the Palestinian Islamic … Continue reading

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Dept. of Justice stalls on DNA testing

In 2004, Congress overwhelmingly passed the “Justice for All Act,” which established a grant program for states to conduct post-conviction DNA testing in cases where it could prove guilt or innocence. But since the program was established, the Department of … Continue reading

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