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Happy Loyalty to Capital Day

While people across the United States and indeed the world are today celebrating May Day, marking the achievements of workers and organized labor, President Barack Obama is urging Americans to celebrate a very different holiday: Loyalty Day. In a presidential … Continue reading

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So gracious

Our old friend Tim Cavanaugh of Reason magazine, last seen ’round these parts wondering why more Americans weren’t blaming “deadbeat” Americans for costing poor ‘ol Wall Street so much money, is willing to concede not every member of the Occupy … Continue reading

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Nicaragua triunfará

Elections in Nicaragua are less than a month away, which means the criminal misuse of American pop songs — artistically speaking — as a means of marketing the various candidates to the all-important Youth of the Country has just about … Continue reading

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Congressional drones

Concerned that the unmanned aerial drones currently raining death upon the unfortunate inhabitants of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia aren’t having their synthesized voices heard in Congress? Sick and tired of our brave robots defending American overseas lacking representation the … Continue reading

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Another state subsidy to the insurance industry

Besides just outright mandating that people purchase private health plans as under the 2010 health care law, the U.S. government subsidizes the insurance industry in a number of other ways, particularly through the tax code, where it encourages Americans to … Continue reading

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‘The End of Loser Liberalism’ and the myth of the free market

(This is the extended, Director’s Cut edition of my review published by Inter Press Service) The top 1 percent of earners in the United States now control more than 40 percent of the nation’s wealth, their income steadily rising at … Continue reading

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Putting drug company profits over people

Apparently the United States’ “Responsibility to Protect” poor innocent people wherever they may live is limited to bombing and occupying their countries. Sacrificing some of the pharmaceutical industry’s billions of dollars in profits so that poor innocent people wherever they … Continue reading

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