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We believe in nothing!

It would be incorrect and unfair to say that Washingtonians are all horrible, amoral, principle-less little pricks who live only for the thrill they get when some no-name congressman from wherever-the-hell Middle America remembers their name. However. Being the preeminent … Continue reading

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Bombing Iran won’t be good for the polar bear either

After Hurricane Katrina, many on the Democratic side of the aisle blasted the Bush administration’s response in part by arguing National Guard troops should have been available to clean up after a disaster here at home contributing to one overseas … Continue reading

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About that climate bill . . .

What’s shaping up to be one of the worst environmental disasters in decades – a disaster caused as a direct consequence of the U.S.’s dependence on fossil fuels – would seem to make it that much easier for Sens. John … Continue reading

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Thinking of empire on Earth Day

Today’s Earth Day, which means a lot of politicians are giving very nice speeches about all the great things they are doing to protect the environment and save the polar bear. One thing they and the leading environmental groups won’t … Continue reading

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Is Obama really eliminating fossil fuel subsidies?

The short answer: no, hell no, as I describe in a recent piece for my day job (expensive subscription required): White House officials are claiming the Obama administration’s proposed 2011 budget eliminates subsidies for fossil fuels, saving taxpayers $40 billion … Continue reading

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War and climate change

My latest piece on an environmental issue that, as I found out, few seem willing to talk about: Climate change has been branded a threat to national security, but a future global treaty addressing the issue is likely to exempt … Continue reading

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Someone buy John Shadegg a dictionary

At a press conference I attended today where Republicans accused the EPA of covering up the views of a “career scientist” who questioned the scientific consensus that human activity contributes to climate change, I noted during the question-and-answer period that … Continue reading

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