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It’s always the year 2000

After two and half years of Barack Obama, you might think partisan Democrats would be a bit hesitant to pull out the whole 2000 election card and, perhaps, would dial back the condescension toward those underwhelmed by the choice offered … Continue reading

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Another broken promise, another broken life

So Obama isn’t going to end the war in Afghanistan, close Guantanamo Bay or reverse the Bush administration’s policies on “enemy combatants.” Meanwhile, he’s supporting a corporatist health care reform package that would maintain the employer-insurance tie — a work-or-die … Continue reading

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Is Obama really eliminating fossil fuel subsidies?

The short answer: no, hell no, as I describe in a recent piece for my day job (expensive subscription required): White House officials are claiming the Obama administration’s proposed 2011 budget eliminates subsidies for fossil fuels, saving taxpayers $40 billion … Continue reading

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War is the new peace

Here in DC, the frenzy of orgiastic leader-worship that accompanied the inauguration has died down somewhat — outside of the professional sycophants and courtiers in and around Congress — but throughout the city one can still find shops hawking left … Continue reading

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