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Can somebody ask Robert Gibbs why he’s lying?

Though there is rampant speculation, there is absolutely no evidence Iran has a nuclear weapons program, as I’ve noted ad nauseam. Yet this hasn’t stopped the Obama administration from repeatedly claiming Iran is actively pursuing nukes, just another example of … Continue reading

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Fear nutjobs with guns, not ‘anti-government’ ideas

Casting your political opponents as enemies of the state who are aiding and abetting terrorism — was it so long ago this was the favored debating tactic of the political right? Fast forward one historic, transformational election, however, and it … Continue reading

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Video: Obama official speaks ‘off the record’

Last month I highlighted another instance of the increasingly popular phenomenon of b-list political appointees and congressional staffers seeking to go “off the record” at public events. In this most recent case, U.S. Trade Representative Tim Reif spoke was to … Continue reading

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A final note on going ‘off the record’

In my post the other week regarding Senate staffer Joe Goffman’s attempt to unilaterally go “off the record” during a recent panel discussion before hundreds of people, I referred to another instance where a congressional aide at another public forum … Continue reading

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A note on going ‘off the record’

It’s a phrase many congressional staffers in DC love to say but few understand, The West Wing having ruined an entire generation. But unlike what some may imagine, going off the record is typically the prerogative of the journalist, who … Continue reading

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Why I’m not a senator

Not being a U.S. Senator, I don’t have an all that sophisticated view of foreign policy. For instance, if I were to ponder how the U.S. government might improve improve its image in the Muslim world, my answer would be: … Continue reading

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Nancy Pelosi thinks you’re stupid

H.L. Mencken once remarked that, “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in an op/ed she “wrote” for USA Today, seems determined to test that statement with a serious of ludicrous assertions that … Continue reading

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