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A matter of shared sacrifice

Speaking to The Middle Class today, Barack Obama made a promise, pledging not to pursue spending cuts “that will hurt seniors, or hurt students, or hurt middle- class families.” Such is the state of liberal politics today: the most our … Continue reading

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Replace ‘Iran’ with ‘Israel’

That’s a tweet sent Monday from the official account of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, noteworthy not only for its cocksure hypocrisy — it’s Israel that continues to produce nukes without so much as a strongly worded email  from the … Continue reading

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Experts: Drone Strike Has the ‘Hallmark of al-Qaeda’

A missile from what witnesses described as an unmanned aerial vehicle left dozens of people dead and countless more injured in Pakistan’s volatile tribal region this morning, a deadly strike that experts say shows all the classic signs of Islamic … Continue reading

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Yeah, told ya

Yesterday I pointed out that — misleading spin dutifully regurgitated by The New York Times aside — Defense Secretary Robert Gates is not proposing any actual cuts in total Pentagon spending, but is rather seeking to reshuffle funds so he can spend … Continue reading

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A curious discrepancy

Speaking about the recent attempted car bombing in Times Square allegedly perpetrated by Faisal Shahzad, Attorney General Eric Holder categorically declared on NBC’s Meet The Press — the Washington elite’s long-preferred vehicle for disseminating politically advantageous disinformation — “that the … Continue reading

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‘Obama orders air strikes on Guantanamo Bay’

WASHINGTON — A series of U.S. predator drone strikes just after dawn this morning killed at least 220 suspected terrorists, many presumed to have ties with al-Qaeda, at the naval detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, according to two senior … Continue reading

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Hey buddy, need a car?

“Go out and buy a car!! We’re — it’s on! Let’s do it.” — Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, speaking at a July 27th event to kick off the government’s so-called “cash-for-clunkers” rebate program aimed at encouraging debt-ridden Americans to … Continue reading

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