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Pastor Proudhon

“[I]f you’ve got a clergyperson preaching anarchy, do you really think the police department shouldn’t try to send somebody and listen and see if they’re trying to foment a riot? You can’t wait till the riot’s on the streets.”  — … Continue reading

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Anarchism and AlterNet

Help me out here. On the one hand, AlterNet often posts radical critiques of the state, such as this interesting interview I came across earlier today with historian Howard Zinn on anarchism and his rejection of the legitimacy of both … Continue reading

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Smash it up

The (International) Noise Conspiracy por ben-never-scene

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Juan Cole’s war on anarchism

As a liberal supporter of invading Iraq who apparently believed the Bush administration’s rhetoric about freedom and democracy, and felt that bombs and military occupations would be the best means of promoting it, Juan Cole sure has a lot of … Continue reading

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