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‘The System’

I recall something Miguel Littín told me five or six years ago. He had just filmed La tierra prometida in the Ranquil valley, a poor region of Chile. The local peasants were “extras” in the scenes where there were masses. … Continue reading

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Communism and anarchism

So I’m going through this phase where, as a means of procrastination, I’m reading a lot about the Soviet Union and the history of interaction between communists of the state and anarchist varieties, such as Emma Goldman’s book, My Disillusionment … Continue reading

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Preach it, Peter

Anarchist Communism maintains that most valuable of all conquests —individual liberty—and moreover extends it and gives it a solid basis— economic liberty—without which political liberty is delusive; it does not ask the individual who has rejected god, the universal tyrant, … Continue reading

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Noam Chomsky, anarchist, on the impossibility of anarchism

After my last typically tedious post about Noam Chomsky, a blogger friend who took issue with my taking issue with the professor — meaning he’s of course now dead to me — sent along another interview with the Chomster on … Continue reading

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Somalia: ‘libertarian paradise’

I’m not sure in what context this remark was made, but I think it’s worth pointing out that this critique is no different than a conservative or right-wing libertarian responding to a criticism of modern state capitalism by snorting, “oh … Continue reading

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Picking on Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky is great. Manufacturing Consent is a masterful look at how the mainstream media in America subtly and not so subtly serves the interests of the state and its corporate puppeteers. He has long been one of the most … Continue reading

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Anarchy and Ometepe

“I think they’re sexual deviants,” my traveling companion said, leaning over a fruit salad at breakfast. The not unexpected comment came after a night of alternately delightful and terrifying conversation with a couple who, over the course of three liters … Continue reading

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