About Me

Hi. My name is Charles and I am writer and producer who lives in Los Angeles, California. I have done many things, some of which I am proud of doing.

I can be reached via an email address, charles@freecharlesdavis.com.

These are some of the places I’ve been published:

Al Jazeera English


The American Prospect

Arc Digital


The Baffler

Capital & Main


The Daily Beast

The Guardian

Institute for Policy Studies

Inter Press Service

International Business Times

Iowa Informer





The Nation

New Internationalist

The New Inquiry

The New Republic

New Politics

Pulse Media





Vermont Public Radio


9 Responses to About Me

  1. Clark says:

    Hi there,

    My name is Clark Ruper, Vice President of Students For Liberty International. We provide support to libertarian student groups all over the world. I read your article on libertarians and capitalism and I am rather sympathetic to your argument, as many of our students are. I just want to thank you for writing it as it is a fair critique, much more than we usually get from Salon. We are sharing it on our social media networks, hope it gets some people thinking.



  2. Emma says:

    Hello Clark,

    Just writing to say that I just read your article over a thttp://www.vice.com/read/the-exploited-laborers-of-the-liberal-media regarding the Exploitation of Interns in the non-profit media sector. Hat’s off for a truly great article and your courage in addressing this under-reported issue – that is hidden in plain sight. I was layed-off from my non-profit job during the economic downturn (er. robbery) of 08, and I am currently under-employed in the non-profit sector – now living hand to mouth in abject poverty.

    I am writing to say that if you do continue to report on this topic, I would love to see this issue expanded upon – as it is of course not only subject to non-profit media, but rampant within the entire non-profit sector. In my personal experience, folks who are employed in the non-profit sector (primarily women) are also subject to being severely underpaid and overworked. Many good hearted women and men who flock to these agencies with the intention of empowering others and making a difference, soon find themselves being exploited themselves. Since working for many years in this sector I have become extremely cynical of many non-profits whose public persona is that of fighting for the rights and dignity of exploited and disadvantaged people, while privately exploiting the women who work at these agencies.

    Again, thank you for your article. I hope it sparks some change for both Interns and employee’s in the non-profit sector, who are being exploited, overworked and underpaid.

    Peace, Emma

  3. mari luz says:

    hi charles
    i read your article “how the fbi goes after activists”. it was a very interesting article. i had 10 year of fbi troubles as a result of my activism.

    i wish to share this write up i did of the time line of the fbi harassment i experienced. feel free to use any of it .

    be well – mari luz


  4. quirkdee says:

    Hi charles,

    On your article of Skid Row, I find this to be quite misleading. Think about this. There used to be a song that called Always where Sunscreen. They promoted the fact that “You live in Ny, and you leave before you get hard, Live in LA and leave before you get soft.” The fact is that this has flipped. Your white man bashing and aristocrat bashing only holds from a misunderstanding of Skid Row. Los Angeles is rough. Since working in Skid Row area, the homeless in the news have killed someone, robbed two friends at gunpoint, assaulted me twice, and who knows what else. I lived all over New York City. Been to Vaughns in Bywater, at the roughest times. I never felt unsafe like I do at certain times in LA. Your ugly view into the capitalism is simply false. Yes, there are people that have the bad view of this. But, you must alway remember the documentary about Skid Row, do you rem the non-homeless guy who came to do Skid Row? This is the problem in a nutshell. Skid Row isn’t a homeless community, its an area where people can go to be homeless, live the homeless dream. Yes there are those that do really need somewhere but there are also equal amounts of the free loaders. Now, what I would find the most amusing… is the answer to this simple question.. Where do you live?


  5. violetrusu says:

    Hi Charles,
    My name is Violet, I am a current journalism student at Ryerson University in Toronto. I am a huge fan of VICE, and of your work. I am slowly trying to squeeze my way into the world of human rights journalism, and I admire all of the work that you do. I am doing an assignment for class on the come-up of a journalist. I would love it if you let me write the piece on you, all I need is I need is a phone interview, should only take about ten minutes. I would love to hear from you. If you are interested my email is violet.rusu@ryerson.ca.
    Thank you.

  6. BRCbender says:

    There is another big festival that is screwing over the people that are building it. Burning Man itself. A Sherpa’s Story came out a few weeks ago and since then a lot of really nasty information has popped up about possible unfair labor practices including some workers not getting paid or fed.

  7. derek monroe says:

    Hello Mr Davis,
    Thank you for fantastic piece on unpaid slavery that interns endure. Although I am an atheist I think it is abomination that so-called “professional left” are the biggest exploiters and vampires that suck the young and naive dry. However I can also inform you that many experienced and prime age writers are also asked to work for free even while submitting stories on US Foreign Policy or international trade issues. The idea is that you should prostitute yourself to a think tank or some foundation and then come to us with a ready and paid for product. We are talking about Truthout and other “progressive” publications as well and ending on NPR’s affiliates such as American Public Media and others. When you come to Chicago it would be my honor to buy you lunch or dinner. Take care, D.
    This was written ages ago and guess what , it all stays the same:

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  9. Hi Charles,

    I’m a writer here in L.A. I write for LAWeekly mostly, but I’ve also done a few for Vice. I write about gentrification a lot, maybe you saw my pro-con gentrification piece or my short LAWeekly documentary about gentrification on Broadway downtown.

    My GF and I were very intrigued by your piece about advertising and public space on Sunset. She’s a graduate student at USC studying public art. We would love to exchange some ideas with you.

    Sorry if this sounds like we’re in a cult. We’re not. It’s just that I couldn’t find a contact anywhere so this was my last resort.


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