Cop / Killer

“The 21st century police officer should be a person who is aggressive, ever vigilant and possessing exquisite empty hand skills, while being a highly trained good-hearted killer with people skills.” 

— “Why cops should be dangerous,” Lt. Dan Marcou

Marcou is a retired cop from Wisconsin. He’s also an author. Indeed, his “second novel, S.W.A.T. Blue Knights in Black Armor has been acclaimed for its depiction of police as they really are, modern knights.” As they really are.

About Charles Davis

A writer and producer with whose work has aired on television and radio and been published by outlets such as Al Jazeera, The Intercept, The Nation and The New Republic.
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9 Responses to Cop / Killer

  1. At least he's staying on the ball. Or with the times. Or a la mode. Between the impotent mewling of go-along-get-along liberals about how everything is just fine if you act real dumb and the blood filled nervous sweat of diabetic conservatives, *yeah I went there*, things are going so these blue bithces ARE the closest thing we have to knights. (especially since, when we actually have an errant knight come along, we beat them for interfering with police/wasting police time/making police look bad).That's right, WE beat them. Not the cops. The snake semen that cheers the cops on and the snake shit that looks away, afraid of getting involved.

  2. But it is something how so many cops who have a banal position and are quite kind, can be lumped in with this kind of street scum in a uniform, just because the policy of the police forces, means the street scum legitimacy is the institutional approach while the nice cops are left to be the little guys.It's like serpico all over again. Baaarraraagh!!

  3. Todd S. says:

    He's really not wrong though. We look at knights and chivalry through a very romanticised and anachronistic lens. Knights were of the nobility and in no way were about helping the little guy, and chivalry only applied to highborn ladies. A knight would as soon rape a common woman as run her down with his horse.

  4. Good point but to be fair knights could also be free agents who just took work for whomever could pay. They weren't necessarily of the nobility. You just needed to buy some armor and offer your services. Like mafia protection for a community or personal detail for a lord. Or part of a feifdom's militia. The "rape crisis" of the middle ages is not exactly documented, much like the "millions of women were burned as witches" claim.Doesn't mean it didn't happen but neither should we presume it was an age any more barbaric than our own. That is, total. (this is a totally sexist rape culture, after all. In EVERY WAY.)But the notion of a knight just "going around helping" is obviously going to be hogwash for all but the smallest portion (Don Quixote, that is, the mentally ill or totally romantic with a few coins left to finance themselves before they're destitute again). How acceptable it was to casually run down people is pretty unknown and, given the dearth of documentation, unknowable except speculatively.

  5. Grung_e_Gene says:

    A Paramilitary attitude (fueled by hiring very overcompensating uber-gung ho military veterans) and the perceived/actual need for more SWAT-esque police forces have been pushing the average officer away from Deputy Barney Fife and towards Judge Dredd.Look at Dredd, 35 years ago no Cop looked like him. Now? We ll do.

  6. Daniel Wolff says:

    Cops are modern knights until they shoot up a couple innocent asian women without cause or provocation. Then they're, "Regular people like you or me." Cut them some slack, they made a mistake. No sense in making a federal case out of it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Do they then go back to being knights until the next time?And what the hell's with the locked tweets?! Trying to force followers or just decided you have the right to privacy? I would subscribe, but I get blocked on twitter and therefore suspended so fast because I keep commenting, uninvited, on liberals lines. And they hate anything but "yessum, yessir".

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